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p o l l i n a t i o n by computerologist p o l l i n a t i o n by computerologist
p o l l i n a t i o n by computerologist (print image)


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so i was wandering around with klf [link] at the st. louis zoo.
there we were surrounded by beautiful animals from all over the world....and we are chasing bee's around :O (Eek) hehehe i think i've become an addict with macro shots :) (Smile) that's ok tho..i like them.
this is one of my favortie shots of the bee's i really like how the colors around it came out :) (Smile) i'm going to be posting many pictures from the zoo that day :D (Big Grin) so uhm...sorry if i bore you with them :) (Smile)
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karya Featured By Owner May 4, 2004
very cool macro, nice nice detail :clap: :clap:
grindL Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2004
wow perfectly well done, just a nice macro shot dude, really awesome
canibull Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2003
Awesome, I must +fav this.. the color and the detail is great. and I realy like the angle u shot from. I dunno if the the DOF could have been better but I dont care either, it's good enough since I realy love this shot.. great work! Clap
tanbiquebk Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2003
I don't know what to say because everybody told you all what I want to tell you. Just fav
fili Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2002
another masterpiece macro of yours - love it!
+fav :D (Big Grin)
kebz Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2002
This is an amazing macro. im really impressed +fav
homrjheath Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2002
the colors are beautiful and crisp. the detail in the wings alone make this worthy of a favorite. *clicks to add to fav. **runs to see rest of gallery and add to devwatch....
kriek Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
Just amazing! I love it!

*Click to buy print*
fudge Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2002
nice job focusing on the bee.. the kinda blurry background gives the picture a nice warm feeling.. like a summers day.. (or something.. :) (Smile) )
nenina Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2002
wht a beautiful shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aww
spunj13 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2002  Professional General Artist
an excellently shot insectoid macro... i wouldn't want to be getting that close to most insects...but through your pics? i don't have to ... =D (Big Grin) ...

mak0n Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2002   Photographer
amazing detail on the wings. and the way the light shines through... fantastic. =) (Smile) what kind of equipment did you use on this?
brimstone2k Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2002
this is one amazing pic, I cannot
believe this, it has so much detail,
the bee looks awesome, man, this
baby goes straight into my +fav
for sure!!!

Oh, and keep on bringing those zoo
pics, they will never bore me! ;) (Wink)

Thumbs Up
blue Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2002
wow i like micro shots too...
and this is amazing...
mastermindg Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
almost forgot to tell you. +FAVS! w00t w00t!
mastermindg Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
excellent shot my friend. how can we tire of such outstanding works of art? your macros truly are the shiznit. Nod

phenomonal colors, amazing detail, great position. if i had money id buy the print. =D (Big Grin)
liquify Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
mm.. i love the intensity of some of the colors in tis photograph. looks larger than life! i like the typography on this one better than 'most all of the others, too. some of them it takes away, this one though, it adds to the serenity and silence of this moment.
zqq Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2002
the focus is wonderful, backdrop has soft nice colours which is essential to the photos beauty, well captured ....and well done in not scaring away the bee :) (Smile)
keen Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2002   Writer
wow. fantastic macro olo! Thumbs Up
pooka Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2002
Very nice... gotta love those bee shots. =) (Smile) The detail you got in this one is amazing. Nice work!
push3r Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2002
lucky i cant believe you got the be w/out a blur nice shot!!!!!!!
eilidh Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
How wonderful!
The close-up is fantastic and the colours... simply enchanting.
Very well done! :) (Smile)
microchaotic Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2002  Professional General Artist
great detail! Well captured and created.

Incidentally, I'm loving your frames. You've inspired me to step up the design work on my own... I haven't done it yet but know that you've been an inspiration.
katrijn Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2002
oh my dear, this is a very beautifull picture.

i would like to be that bee, having a great time with that wonderful 'lavendel' (how is that called in english?)

;) (Wink)

apparentlyneurotic Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2002
i always like it how all your photos come out with really bright and clear colours. why can't i do that dammit? *pout* ha ha, well, yet again, another nice shot, cliched, but hey, cliches are cliches only because we make made them cliches by liking them in mass i making any sense? i tend not

btw, what camera do you use? did you take classes? i want photos that good to. lol

- apparently neurotic

"that which nourishe me, also destroys me"
wakasashe Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2002
Rock on!Look at the vivid colour....and the complimentary purple to the yellow. Very nice. How you got so close and captured this fella is great.
A trip to the zoo on Deviantart! yay! ^_^
epitomei Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2002
you have one damn fine eye *olo*. (and macro lens on that thing) ;) (Wink)
this is an awesome shot!
codex Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
wooo! this is amazing! i love it Love
the bee looks cute on this picture. otherwise they are awfull!
im impressed Thumbs Up
zero7 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
great shot. i love that wing
duo Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2002
great shot Thumbs Up
simba Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2002

I thought my zoo pics were cool. Then I stumbled onto this one. :) (Smile)

Nice macro buddy. I think I like this one better than the ladybug. Beautiful detail and framing. Definitely a +fav
jade Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2002
:-) (Smile)

flutter your wings
brush against me
and touch
ever so gently
upon my face

out what you need
from me
and grace me
by taking
away the tears

me with
new life
before you spread
your wings
and fly away
scarmind Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2002
oooooooollllllllooooooooooooooooooooo .. keep doing this macro stuff.. you get better every shot ^^
eetaare Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2002
The colours in this shot is xtreme!! What kind of lense do you use to zoom sooo f**** good??
dreamz13 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2002
Incredible details in this macro! Aren't u afraid of getting stung? ;) (Wink)
dj-designs Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2002
Beautiful, you have captured some nice colors there =) (Smile)
madcoffee Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
this is trully beautiful.
aerosole Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2002
macro photography for life!!! ;) (Wink)
this is such a great photo.. the colors, the focus... everything.. so.. i dont think i have anything else to say about it. :) (Smile)
good job!
jammy Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2002
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2002   Photographer
it's a wonderful macro... i could never do that... the colors, focus...well u know it's quite perfect...i just envy u, cos allthough i'm not into bees and honey LOL that's just one really good shot...
five Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2002
Fantastic shot. The focus is just right, as is the angle and perspective. Gorgeous. +fav
jark Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2002
now this came out fabulous! how you managed to get that is beyond belief!
klf Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
:D (Big Grin) know how much I Heart this so very much... so enough said....krisit thinks it rocks as well;) (Wink)
delici0us Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
that detail is amazing.. .wow
jt8376 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
Brilliant, computer. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your new work.
acmax Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
At first glance it actually looks like a vibrant digital painting. Very nice colors in the shot. It's the bee's knees. =P (Razz)
liquid Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
hot damn man, you snap some nice pictures, I need a nice camera with a macro, shit!!!!!! and maybe some ralph lauren pants to match my Ralph lauren sheets, it'll lower the heat by friction I hear......
felipin-sioux Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
Wow. A very very beautiful photo. Liked it a lot. +fav
deviot Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
Very crisp photo!
muzzy-skins Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
dammit, get another shot of it tho...go kick his ass for moving his right wing.

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